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Your program at Freedom will unpick your past and create a future you want to take part in. We will achieve this through three key elements - therapy, wellness and knowledge.



Addiction is an attempt to temporarily escape our pain. When the pain gets too much, we turn to drink and drugs to black it out - they are literally our painkillers. To rid us of those painkillers, we need to get to the source of the pain. And we need to heal it. That’s where our expert therapists come in, cutting through your pain like a surgeon removing a tumor.


Your pain, or trauma, may be an obvious one such as living in a war zone or sexual abuse. But it can also be far more subtle like low self-esteem/feeling we don’t fit in/not trusting people/carrying guilt around with us/feeling abandoned. The list goes on. Whatever the cause, therapy is the most effective way to heal your wounds, which is why we provide more therapy sessions than any other rehab we’ve encountered, all delivered by an exceptionally well qualified team.

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“Trauma is anything that changes you in a way that makes your future responses to the world more limited”.

Dr. Gabor Maté

To learn about the effects trauma has on addiction and to see how closely you relate, check out these videos from Dr Gabor Maté.     

What is addiction?


What is trauma?

Childhood trauma & addiction



A 21st Century buzzword for some life hacks dating back millenia.


As well as healing your past, it’s equally important to look at your present. How much clutter have you got in your life? What are your goals? How do you run emotionally? How strong is your social circle? How’s your diet? Your exercise regime? Your sleep patterns? Do you have purpose and direction? What are your core values?

If we're just coming into recovery, then there’s usually significant room for improvement in these areas. We’ll help you implement changes from Day 1 by introducing the Seven Pillars of Self-care. Activities range from meditation, surf lessons, yoga, art therapy, spa treatments, horse riding and many, many more. You name it!

The purpose of this is key to your recovery - it is a process of restoring the connection with your body and your emotions. The path to recovery starts with restoring the connection to your true self. 



The third part of your treatment at Freedom is giving you an understanding of your addiction. We use proven psychology-based techniques to help you better understand your thinking - and reframe it when it’s unhelpful. The tools you’ll take away from this part of the program will make life more doable. We help you replace damaging coping strategies with healthy, emotional regulation.

So, in summary, your solution comes in these three areas;


We will treat the cause of your problems - i.e. your old wounds - rather than your symptoms. You’ll have 5 sessions a week.


We’ll make sure your overall well-being is at its peak by introducing daily healthy habits and tracking them on our Weekly Wellness Watch.


We’ll help you understand your triggers and give you some more appropriate coping strategies to use when you leave.


The final piece of the Freedom jigsaw is your exit plan, for which we focus on 4 key areas of relapse prevention - accountability, coping strategies, self-care and support network. We provide on-going check-in sessions for 3 months after you leave us.

So often people make great progress whilst in rehab but then leave without a plan in place. We won’t let that happen to you.


We aim to replace your addiction with meaning and purpose. What kind of person do you want to be? What are your old dreams which you lost sight of? What does your perfect future look like?


If you’re on board with that and commit to the plan, you have every chance of enjoying a healthy, happy, purposeful life.

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