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What’s not included in the price?

Your flights, your visa (USD 35, paid on arrival), any medical bills other than detox meds and psychiatrist visit, any personal items you wish to purchase

Can I choose which activities I do?

Yes, of course. If you don’t like gym/yoga etc, we won’t force you to do it. We set the agenda for the counselling and education, the rest is your choice.

How long should I stay in rehab?

The longer you stay, the better chance you have of long-term sobriety once you leave. In an ideal world, all clients would stay for a minimum of 12 weeks, but we realise that’s not always possible. Our minimum stay is 4 weeks.

Can I keep my devices the whole time?

We’re not going to take them away, but we ask you not to use them during all therapeutic sessions.

Do I have to go to AA/NA meetings?

No, they’re not compulsory at all. We’re not pro- or anti- 12 step programs, so we’ll let you make your own mind up. If you’ve never tried them before, we recommend you go at least a couple of times, as they can play a positive part in your recovery.

Can I choose what I eat?

Yes! You’ll have a private chef preparing your meals (eat out or delivery at weekends). If your current diet is poor, we will phase out the junk food and introduce more nutritious, healthy options during your stay. 

Can I have visitors?

For the first two weeks it’s best to avoid outside distractions, so no. We may relax this in weeks 3 and 4 if you’re making good progress. If your stay with us is longer than 28 days, then yes, we actually encourage it as a step towards reintegration.

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Phone: +62 8214 5926 803 (Indonesia)

+61 361 603 523 (Australia)

+44 29 2271 2339 (UK)

+1 844 904 3038 (US)


WhatsApp: +62 8123 7957 670



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