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Choosing the rehab which is the best fit for you isn’t always straightforward. When considering your options, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions to help make an informed decision.


Who will my therapist(s) be? What level of qualification and experience do they have? 

Trauma is the underlying cause of addiction. So to treat the addiction, we have to resolve the trauma and this is done through therapy. At Freedom, our clicnical team are all highly experienced and trained to Masters level or equivalent. Less experienced counsellors will not get to the root of your problem, meaning you never free yourself from the cause of your addiction. 

How much therapy is included? 

You’ll get 5 sessions a week. We’ve not found another rehab anywhere that offers this much. It’s an intense 4 weeks but our skilled team will help you effectively process what comes up in your sessions. You should expect to continue therapy for the weeks and months after leaving Freedom. It's an on-going process, not a magic bullet.

What’s the total number of clinical sessions a week? 

In addition to the therapy, there are 10 other sessions, so a total of 15. Again, this is unparallelled. 

How extensive will the program be, I’ve heard there is too much free time at many rehabs? 

We keep you busy! Every weekday, as a minimum, you will participate in physical exercise, check-in, therapy, wellness and knowledge sessions. Add the homework, processing and preparation and there's not much time left for Netflix! We can adjust the pace to suit.

Will the program be personalised? 

Totally! As you are the only client, everything is designed with you in mind, from your gourmet meals to the wellness options to the weekend excursions to explore Bali.

Am I in a healing environment? 

Is there a better place to begin your recovery than  on a tropical paradise with easy access to Bali’s pristine beaches, stunning rice fields and healing temples?

What happens when I leave? Am I on my own? 

You will leave with an industry-leading relapse prevention plan in place which we create with you. You will have regular accountability calls (8 in total) with a team member for 3 months following departure to make sure you are on track. Support network, coping strategies, accountabillity and self-care form the core of your relapse prevention plan.

Hopefully that provides you with enough information to see that Freedom represents the best value recovery program available and gives you the best chance of reaching your desired outcome - happy, meaningful and long-term sobriety.

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